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Gästföreläsning 27/11 kl 10-12

Onsdagen den 27/11 kl 10:00 till 12:00 kommer Docent. Tina Karrbom Gustavsson (KTH) och gästföreläser.


Industriell ekonomi & Organisation

 Den 10 Oktober gästas Industriell ekonomi & Organisation

Research Group on Extreme Environments – Everyday Decisions

We are currently participating in a research group that have the peculiar interest of everyday activities in extreme environments of different kinds. See more on Triple E.D

Thesis work in Industrial Engineering

Are you currently searching for thesis work? Then this might be something for you!

Upcoming Seminars

Welcome to the Department of Industrial Engineering and Management

About the Department Industrial Engineering and Management

The Department of Industrial engineering and management conducts research and education related to various aspects of industrial development.

Our activities are characterized by a particular interest in how new technology and new research findings are used in society, and in the organizational consequences possibly brought on by this usage.

The department is characterized by intellectual curiosity and an overall interest in the dynamics of innovation processes and in entrepreneurship, industrial leadership and organisation, as well as in business development in a broad sense.

Ph.D. course: Technology, Economy and Society

This course is part of a standing doctoral seminar that addresses the concepts of technology, economy, and society, seeking to explore, discuss, and problematize how they have been related to one another in various strands of interdisciplinary literature.

The seminar will start in february, 2014. More information will be added.



Innovation and strategy

  • Hiding innovation in conservative markets

  • Reducing energy consumption of and by IT

Product development, commercialization and business models

  • Laboratory Life, in and beyond the Entrepreneurial University

  • Spin-offs and market interfaces in the energy industry